Are you planning on having a surgical procedure? Every surgery poses some degree of risk to an individual and no one is ever 100% certain of their body’s reaction to a particular surgery. Thus, it is a common practice for a surgeon to ask for medical clearance prior to a procedure. This is a very important step in the pre-operative medical care, and it will allow your surgeon to have a more objective view of your health thus creating a safer plan of care pre-op, peri-op, and post-operatively. In addition, this will give the surgeon insight of potential risk you may have, which will allow for the creation of a safer plan of care thus alleviating some risks leading to a safer procedure.


Nurse Practitioner on Demand Medical Center provides surgical clearance for patients in a modern, relaxing, home like environment. Nurse Practitioner Nadine McFarlane will provide a detailed consultation which entails the review of your medical history, medications you’re currently taking, social behaviors etc. Every patient, surgeon and surgery are different with various criteria that needs to be met in advance. So don’t delay, schedule your appointment today so we can review your surgeon’s paperwork and request.  Unfortunately, we don’t accept insurance, but we are affordable, and we have extended hours available for your convenience. If safety is your priority and you’re looking for a congruent provider, then Nurse Practitioner Nadine McFarlane is the provider you would want!



Onsite blood draw is not available; however, testing can be performed at nearby lab sites with results within 24-48 hours.

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