A pre-employment physical exam is usually required either before an employer extends a job offer or during the interview process. Depending on the type of exam, the nature of the job, and other factors, it’s often legal for a prospective employer to ask candidates to take a physical exam.

A pre-employment physical examines many health components, including:

Physical Exam

  • Vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature
  • Abdomen health to determine liver, bowel, and other organ functionality.
  • Skin appearance to determine if there are signs or symptoms of other underlying illnesses.
  • Heart and lung exams

It may also include specific tests such as drug and alcohol testing, health inquiries, physical ability, stamina testing, and psychological testing. A physical exam may be required to demonstrate the physical fitness necessary to perform specified jobs.

In addition to the previously mentioned testing, you will be required to get tested for tuberculosis, which could be evaluated via tuberculin skin test (PPD) or chest x-ray. While testing for tuberculosis via skin test can be accomplished at NPOD, chest x-rays are not done at NPOD but customers can be referred to an outside facility for testing. Tuberculin skin testing is an additional $15 and needs to be read within 48-72 hours. A chest x-ray is an additional charge and will be assessed by an outside facility. Nurse Practitioner on Demand will provide a prescription for a chest x-ray and will review chest x-ray results prior to providing a physical exam certificate.

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