Food interventions are really an effective strategy to address chronic illness, not just as a treatment for individuals who already have diet-related illnesses, but also as a preventive step for those who are at risk. Offering medically tailored meals, rewarding the purchase of healthy foods, and providing targeted nutrition education to persons at high risk of developing chronic disease are all cost-effective approaches to prevent chronic illness or lessen the impact of its diagnosis. Improved patient/insurance beneficiary health outcomes will result in lower health-care expenses for both public and commercial insurers. By reforming internal procedures or campaigning for legislative change, public and commercial insurers, hospitals, and networks of care providers can start implementing the recommendations contained in Part IV of this report right now.

These organisations are a valuable resource for payers and providers looking to expand or offer these services to larger groups of beneficiaries and patients. Both payers and providers stand to benefit from adopting and assisting in the evaluation of the efficacy of food and nutrition services, and both should take the lead in pushing the national concept that food is medicine and preventive. Integrating food and nutrition treatments into healthcare delivery for high-risk or chronically ill patients will lower costs for public and private payers and providers while also helping to lessen the total burden of chronic diet-related disease in the US.

They can also use the Next Steps in Part V to continue to create the evidence base for the various types of interventions that would be most effective for their specific set of beneficiaries or patients. Food and nutrition services have long been used by the non-profits and other organisations profiled in this study to accomplish the Triple Aim of improving patient experience and public health while lowering costs. Their research shows that providing these interventions is helpful in helping persons who have or are at risk of chronic diet-related disease stay well and/or avoid illness consequences.

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